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Marcia Brown CEO of Marcia Brown Footwear provides handcrafted designs to a female clientele seeking limited editions as well as comfort, cleverly placement of fine embellishment, specially hand stitched in her london atelier adorn each pairs.

A solid relationship with Italian and Spanish manufacturers allows the bespoke maker to select exquisite quality material and deliver bright great coordination in her designs.

With creative talent and conscientious quality of service, the design proposes a diversified product line inclusive of customers with sizing challenges. made to order luxurious evening-wear, elevated heels, flats as well as trainers. specialised footwear engineering arrangement can be discussed and made upon request. putting to great use her taste for precious ornamentation and knowledge of the foot anatomy. Marcia's promise back to the world is to make a difference into people's life.

Marcia Brown Footwear makes one-off treasurable pieces for all passionate shoe lovers.

You can book an appointment to discuss your requirements and how we can best help.


I currently have bunions through maybe a number of reasons.

1. Hereditary as family members are experiencing this challenge too

2. Wearing uncomfortable shoes during my younger days.

I have in the past been offered three appointments in the space of a year to have the bunions removed, however the timing was not workable, as a result continue to marvel at beautiful looking shoes.

When shopping for shoes there is no point because most shoes just do not fit. my background is team management, product management, cake decorating along with several entrepreneurial skills

My skill and passion for making ornament shoes grew from cake decorating approximately 10 years ago and as a result the ornament shoes are now leather shoes.


Handcrafted Limited Edition means designs unique to you, The designs available will be displayed on the website, the options are as follows: Limited edition no changes, limited edition few changes and made to order exclusive (new design).

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Foot Challenges

Handcrafted shoes to fit your feet, the challenges maybe very small or very large feet. Extra wide, bunions, one foot shorter than the other. Choose from the best leather in quality, design and colour.

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What are people saying about us?

Marcia creates beautiful and truly unique shoes. I am absolutely besotted with my first pair and will definitely be looking to Marcia again in the near future.

Wendy Cave, London

Having bunions means lots of shoes on the high street simply do not fit. So glad I found Marcia so that I can finally get to enjoy beautiful footwear while no longer having to suffer with discomfort.

Angela Powers, Kent