One of a Kind Luxury Customisation Service

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Marcia Brown Footwear currently provides ONE OF A KIND Luxury Customisation Serivce. This includes the story of your life style, Artist Expression and chosen colour choices.

A solid relationship with Italian and Spanish manufacturers allows the selection of exquisite quality and exotic leathers to deliver bright and great coordinated designs.

You can book an appointment to discuss your requirements and how we can best help.


The experience of making Shoes started with Ladies Fashionable High Heels, then progressed to Mens Smart fashionable Shoes, NOW CURRENTLY HAVING THE GREATEST TIME DESIGNING SEVERAL SNEAKERS STYLES.

Inspiration orginates through Selecting the Finest Leathers to produce amazing combinations boasting luxury above and beyond one's imagination.


Handcrafted made to order one of a kind service. We collaborate with you to create a unique piece of artwork, using the shoe as canvass.

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There are several different styles that can be currently handcrafted.

Mens Smart Shoes, Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 4, Air Max 1 and Air patta 1

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What are people saying about us?

Marcia creates beautiful and truly unique shoes. I am absolutely besotted with my first pair and will definitely be looking to Marcia again in the near future.

Wendy Cave, London

Having bunions means lots of shoes on the high street simply do not fit. So glad I found Marcia so that I can finally get to enjoy beautiful footwear while no longer having to suffer with discomfort.

Angela Powers, Kent